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See below for a description of our facilities, followed by photos of each centre:

TVA has some of the best facilities for its learners. We also offer some of our facilities for flexible room hire and office leasing. Please take a look below at our gallery per centre, where we have the following facilities:

Suffolk and Norfolk

This is where we have two main facilities that service Suffolk and Norfolk, based in Lowestoft. Campus One: We have a fully equipped, large college campus facility with numerous classrooms and workshop facilities. It is at this facility where we can deliver courses from electrical engineering to teacher training, leadership and management, SIA Security Qualfications, First Aid, Compliance, English and Maths, and so much more. This is also where some of  our operations and employer engagement team for the south are based. Campus Two: We also have a fully equipped gym facility for our specialist sport and fitness provision. It is also a fully functioning, live gym facility that offers work experience to our learners. This is a high quality, first class facility with the very best equipment.


Our facilities here consist of: Campus One: As with our Lowestoft centres, we have a campus that has classroom learning facilities, where we deliver our teacher training, first aid, compliance, leadership and management, anatomy and physiology and more. This is where we also have access to large gym facilities on the ground floor for our sport and fitness provision. This is also where some of our operations team and employer engagement team for the south are based. Campus 2: We have an additional gym facility, as with the Lowestoft centres, that we own. At this facility we have top quality equipment along with a multi-function room that is also fully equipped as a classroom and workshop room when needed.


With one of our delivery partners, we have access to large classroom facilities situated in a large centre, where we deliver apprenticeships in finance, digital media, management and more.


This is where some of our operations team, HR and apprenticeship tutors are based. Specialising in residential care, adult care, senior leadership, HR and management apprenticeship training. This is our office hub for apprenticeship delivery in the North West of England.


This is where, in partnership with Beauty Barn, we deliver on specialist apprenticeship provision in Beauty. Both the level 2 and the advanced level 3 beauty therapist qualification,

Take a look at our Amazing Facilities

Below are some examples of our facilities in the South and East of England, which consist multiple gyms for our sport and fitness provision, a specialist, separate campus for a whole range of courses, such as security, construction, electrical engineering, teacher training, management training and so much more. Our facilities are first class, with top level tutors, all coaching you to the highest standards. 

Suffolk Centres

Essex Centres

Kent Beauty Centre

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