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Health and Fitness, Psychology & Business, Security, Teacher Training and more.....

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In a nutshell: Four main departments as above; Health and Fitness, Teaching and Learning, Business Training and Security Industry Training.

Funding options available for all courses. Finances and time are not barrier with us – we suit every budget and every lifestyle. See you soon!

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Welcome to The Vocational Academy.

Government funded courses, free online training and interest free, self-funded plans: we aim to quickly become one of the top adult education colleges in Essex.

What did you want to do as a child? Are you doing that now?

If you are, then nice work! You are in the minority……the majority of people are not happy. They are not doing the career they dreamed of as a child.

So, what do we offer? How can we help?

In summary, we deliver vocational training courses in multiple industries. These include leisure, teaching, business and security. We will be adding to this portfolio as we grow, to become one of the top adult education colleges in Essex.

Many of these qualifications are government funded courses.  In addition to our own funding options, this allows more people to access new and fulfilling careers. Your financial situation shouldn’t be a barrier.

We aim to become one of the top providers of vocational training. We have a genuine passion for helping people.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a new career can be daunting. As a result, tutor support for all students is very comprehensive.

The team here is welcoming, non-intimidating and very supportive. You WILL succeed; adult education is what we do best.

Adult education is tough. It’s not easy fitting it around busy lifestyles. That’s why our vocational courses are designed to be flexible around you.

Whilst online training can be valuable, we also believe strongly in face-to-face learning where possible. Any career requiring a practical element, that needs practice, is best suited in a classroom setting. It is values such as this that make us one of the number one choices for adult education colleges in Essex.

For theory based courses however, we do offer comprehensive, online distance learning. Students have commented that our online learning resources are excellent, in addition to the tutor support.

All our part-time courses that require attendance are purposely planned in a way that can be fitted around other commitments.

Full-time courses are delivered when demand is met. Meaning that this is an option for you if you’d prefer full-time delivery. Currently, we offer the following courses full-time:

  • Award in Education and Training (formerly PTLLS)
  • Diploma in Personal Training

Make your dream a reality. What’s stopping you? Step outside of that comfort zone and contact us today to register your interest. We really are a lovely little training provider, with integrity and values that will make us continue to strive to become one of the top adult education colleges in Essex.

We will help you make sure it is the best career decision you have ever made. We specialise in adult education, it’s who we are.

What makes us stand out from the rest in Essex?

There are lots of educational training providers out there. Why are we different?

The Vocational Academy is founded on great principles:

  • Small groups,
  • Lots of 1-2-1 support
  • A tutor regularly checks your progress
  • A tutor checks all our enquiries; not a salesperson
  • A tutor or course advisor contacts you, not a salesperson
  • Great classrooms and online learning, and
  • A great team!

 In many ways, our biggest principle is simple; top quality education that is accessible for everyone.

With government funded courses and other payment options available, such as our student budget account, we have achieved that goal.

Finances shouldn’t be allowed hold you back! Also, time commitments shouldn’t hold you back either, that’s why we offer part-time and distance learning courses that are flexible around you.

What is vocational training?

It’s actually quite straight forward. For many top industries you need a qualification before you can work in that industry.

For example, to be a personal trainer you need the Diploma in Personal Training. To be a teacher, you need to start with some form of initial qualification such as our Award in Education and Training. You need these qualifications to be able to start your new career.

Getting you in to your new career is what we offer.  There is a whole range of qualifications to choose from. We are here to help you progress. Meaning your finances and your time are no longer barriers to this.

Many of our qualifications are government funded courses and we also offer our own student budget account. Which is just as good!

Our study options are flexible, fit easily around your other commitments and our team is very supportive. It’s our promise that you will be very happy with the choice you made.