Fire Marshal (Warden)

This half-day Fire Marshal training course covers the role of the designated fire marshal (fire warden). You will learn about preventing fires, and about the different types of fire extinguisher and how to use them correctly.

What is a Fire Warden?
A fire warden is a person who is responsible for overseeing fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures in a workplace or public venue.
How many fire wardens does my organisation need?

It depends on how many employees you have and the type of premises you’re in. If you’re a normal-risk business and have less than 20 employees you need at least one fire warden. If you have between 20 – 75 occupants you must have a minimum of two fire warden and after that, you need an additional fire warden for every 75 people.

However, if you’re in a multi-level building or operate from more than one site, you need at least one fire warden per floor or site and it’s also important to have more than one person trained in case one of your wardens is off sick or on holiday, for example.

Course Name


Half Day (4 Hours)
Age Requirement
16+ years
Lowestoft, Rayleigh and On-Site
Candidates will be assessed by their trainer throughout the day to ensure that all learning outcomes are achieved.

What are the duties of a fire warden?

What are the legal requirements for a fire warden?

They must be competent to carry out the role, all the duties it encompasses and have received sufficient training to do so.

Do fire wardens need to be trained?

Yes, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it’s a legal requirement your fire wardens undergo training.

What is a fire warden training course?

Being a fire warden is a big responsibility and entails several very specific and important tasks, so, whether you already hold the role or you’re aspiring to step up to it, this course covers everything you need to know to keep your company and its people safe. By the end of our session you’ll: Have the confidence and competence to take charge in the event of an emergency, and Tick all the legal boxes when it comes to sufficient fire safety provision.

Why is fire warden training needed?

You never know when fire, explosions or gas leaks are around the corner, but while you can’t control what happens tomorrow, you can control how ready you are to react, help and limit any damage – and that’s where fire warden training comes in.

Each is paramount to your colleagues’ safety, each requires a different set of skills, and each is covered in our training course.

Who enforces fire safety?

It depends what kind of business you are. For most workplaces the enforcing authority is your local Fire and Rescue Service, if you’re in the construction industry it’s the Health and Safety Executive, and if you own or operate a sports stadium it’ll be your local council.

What do you learn on the course?

We can also tailor the training to your business’ specific set-up around things like what equipment you use, the type of materials you have lying around, and which fire safety equipment you have on-site.

What does the course cover?

We take a really in-depth look at everything from your evacuation drills and fire doors to enforcing authorities and fire risk assessments, to make sure you’ve got all the tools you need to ensure your business’ safety.

How long is the course?

Between 3.5 – 4 hours depending on individual circumstances. We usually run our sessions from 9am to 1.30pm, however, this can be flexible to suit your needs.

Is there an assessment?

There’s no formal assessment or anything like that, instead, we continually assess all attendees throughout the course to make sure everything we deliver is definitely understood.

Do we receive certificates?

Yes, we give everyone who’s completed the course a certificate of attendance.

How long does the certificate last?

There’s no expiry date for your certificate, however, industry best practice suggests you get it renewed every three years.

Where are the courses held?

We usually come to your premises so we can give practical demos in the environment they’ll be applied. In-house training also makes it easier for us to tailor the course content to your exact location and equipment and gives your fire wardens a familiar setting to develop their skills. However we do have training facilities based in Lowestoft and Rayleigh

How much is the training?


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