Bespoke, individual training

Every apprenticeship and traineeship/study programme is delivered with sector specific qualifications included.

Our apprenticeships offer the opportunity to include additional qualifications, from short courses to full diplomas within your studies, making you as highly qualified as possible in your chosen career.

Courses you would normally have to pay a lot for, either fully funded or mostly funded as part of your apprenticeship.

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What Sectors do we cover?

Construction, Fitness, Sports, Business, HR, Teacher Training, Youth Work and more...

We are also an End Point Assessment Organisation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an opportunity to earn and learn. You will study something called the apprenticeship standard for your sector. These have been developed by employers, training providers, colleges and univiersities through collaboration. An apprenticeship standard is a qualification in its own right, like a diploma, A-level, degree, NVQ...

What makes an apprenticeship even better? Not just earning and learning at the same time and gaining essential life experience minus the debt of student loans. An apprenticeship standard can also have additional qualifications included within it to make it more bespoke. For example, in the team leader and supervisor apprenticeship, we automatically enrol you onto the level 3 management diploma which gives you chartered status in management. Higher level apprenticeships (and degree apprenticeships) result in fully recognised higher education level or degree qualifications.

Typically, you work a minimum of 30 hours per week with your employer at the same as learning with your provider, such as The Vocational Academy. Whilst attending our facilities, you are still paid as part of your employment.
Depending on your apprenticeship, you attend your training (in person, or we come to you, or virtually) your off the job training (OTJ) varies. It can be once a week, twice a month, once a month or other options.

In summary, this is an excellent opportunity.

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is something we offer in conjunction with our partner college. We use this as a pre-requisite programme BEFORE an apprenticeship. We call it a pre-apprenticeship programme. The reason why we call it this is because we always run a traineeship when there is a genuine opportunity for progression onto an apprenticeship or a higher level qualification.

Simply put, we place you with an employer to complete around 100 hours work experience (only part-time) across around 4 weeks. At the same time, you will gain sector specific qualifications from us on a course, such as the gym instructor course for the fitness sector for example. Or construction training and many more.

If required, you will also complete functional skills in English, Maths and Essential digital skills to help make you much more employable. Your work experience placement will most likely be your potential employer.

You work experience placement is essentially an extended interview with your employer. If, for any reason you don't get the job with your potential employer, and you have completed the traineeship, we will work with you to find you employment in an apprenticeship. We won't just leave you to it.

This is an excellent opportunity to get you career ready.

Who are TVA?

We are an established training provider consisting of an experienced team of tutors, assessor and quality assurance staff. Our management team are not just tutors and experienced in education, they are also employers. Meaning that we really know our stuff.

TVA consists of a collaboration of training centres across England. We have all clubbed together as a like minded, truly passionate team of professionals.

We are fed up with the way most apprenticeships and similar programmes are run. We feel that they are not delivered to their full potential or bespoke enough. Because we are not a large organisation, we maintain a personal, local touch, with excellent knowledge of the area we operate in.

We truly care about quality, genuine opportuniy and we make it our priority to ensure, where possible, every apprentice is given every opportunity to achieve through being engaged and treated as an individual throughout.

Currently, we operate in Essex, Blackpool, Kent, Chorley, and East Anglia.

How long does an apprenticeship last?

The duration of our apprenticeships vary depending on what you're studying. For example, a typical customer service of management apprenticeship lasts around 15-18 months. Whereas some construction apprenticeships can last up to 3-4 years.

Some of our facilities

Our facilities are comprehensive. As an example, we own our own gym company, meaning we have multiple gyms with excellent facilities for top level, relevant learning and structured work placements. Through working with our partners, we have sporting facilities too. We also have space for construction training and excellent, well equipped and comfortable classrooms. With virtual learning facilities so that you can attend via Zoom if for any reason you are unable to attend in person.


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