Welcome and thank you…

And thank you for choosing to work with us and our collaborative partners in offering you a traineeship project for your business.

In short, we collaborate with other providers when delivering a traineeship to ensure continued funding and higher standards of quality. Once your trainees have completed their placement and you decide you would like to hire at least one of them as an apprentice, then their apprenticeship training is through our own direct funding contract – our onboarding page for apprenticeship training can be accessed HERE

To confirm your intentions of becoming a host work placement, please download the forms below, complete them and send them back to: and

Employer Paperwork:  Work Placement Forms

Paperwork for your trainees to complete (for info): TRAINEE FORMS

We will then work with you to design a bespoke programme that suits the needs of all parties involved.

As a reminder, please also feel free to visit the .gov website below that explains all the information you need to know as an employer providing work placements for trainees. Some of the key points are highlighted below:

  • Incentive payments of up to £1000 per trainee, up to a maximum of ten trainees per company
  • Trainees are aged between 16-24 and can be up to 25 if they have an education and health care plan in place
  • Traineeships typically last around 2-3 months, but can last up to six months.
  • Trainees complete a minimum of 70 hours at a work placement (typically 100 hours), in addition to undergoing training that improves their employability prospects, such as functional skills maths and English, employability training and in many cases, sector specific training known as a “flexible learning aim”.
  • We can conduct training either at your place of work, at our own training centres using our top facilities or over Zoom/Teams meetings. Typically, we use a combination of all three to ensure regular engagement, support and convenience for all.