The Teacher Training Academy

STEP 1: Choose your course

We offer a range of education sector courses, in teaching, assessing and quality assurance. Please choose your options below:

From £420
1 Month*
Classroom learning and home study
Awarding body: YMCA Awards

Start your career in teaching as a trainee teacher. This qualification opens up progression to the level 4 Certificate in Education & Training, Assessing, Quality Assurance and more…

From £820
6-9 Months*
Work based & classroom learning
Awarding body: Active IQ

You will be able to begin your career in teaching as a professional, independent tutor. You will be able to progress to the level 5 diploma in education and training, assessing and quality assurance.

From £280
1-2 Months*
Work based & distance learning
Awarding body: Active IQ

You will either already be a tutor or you will be looking at a career in assessing. Either way, this is a great way to help learners achieve their qualification through professional assessment practices.

2-3 Months*
Work based & classroom learning
Awarding body: Active IQ

You will either already be a qualified tutor or assessor. This qualification will allow you to enhance your career and income through the quality assurance of assessed paperwork and training of tutors you work with.

STEP 2: Choose your funding option.....

Interest Free Monthly Repayments from only £50 per month

Pay a 20% deposit to secure your space, then spread the fees for up to 18 months, interest free. This option enables you to ONLY be charged the fees we charge, not the national fees as with the government student loan that are much higher. Find out more by clicking below.

Interest free & low interest for low repayments

Our student loans facility is an excellent choice for all students who would prefer lower monthly repayments. From interest free to very low interest plans to make your repayments far more affordable. This facility is one of the best student loans facilities available.

Pay upfront, or in 3 months or less and receive a 10% deposit

Pay all of the course fees in either 3 months or less, or pay them upfront and receive a 10% discount. Some students use their own credit card for this option to enable them to be able to pay over even longer periods. Please be credit smart should you choose to use a credit card.

STEP 3: Ready to get started? Enrol today or send us an enquiry below.....

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