Security & Door Supervisor Training in Essex

Our security training courses in Essex:


Accredited by one of the leading awarding bodies in security training, we offer a range of security courses in Essex.

These courses include:

  • Level 2 Award in Door Supervision
  • Level 3 Close Protection
  • Conflict Management

How are your security training courses delivered?

Our security training courses are delivered on a weekend basis. For example, the door supervisors course will be delivered over the course of one weekend with pre-reading and guided tutor support before you attend your first weekend.

The idea here is to study some of the theory first, which is then be reinforced when you attend your training weekend.

This is where you will cover a lot of the practical to ensure you leave fully competent as a professional in your security career.

Where required, an additional weekend will be put on for groups that require the additional learning time at no extra cost.

You will really enjoy your training with our tutors. Each weekend is planned to be engaging, with as much practical as possible.

What will I be studying?

You will be learning new skills such as tactical communications, conflict resolution, law and much more. You will be trained to recognise warning signs when dealing with members of the public and more, such as:

  • Identifying the differences between defensive physical skills and physical interventions.
  • The importance of dynamic risk assessment in situations where physical intervention skills are used.
  • Effective deterrents to terrorist activities and  duty of care requirements when dealing with children and young people.

How will I be assessed?

These qualifications are assessed by practical assessment and multiple choice tests, in addition to worksheets. Assessments are challenging but rewarding. When you graduate, you will be a true professional.

Why should I choose The Vocational Academy for my security training?

In a nutshell, The Vocational Academy are a small educational training provider that really cares about all of its students. Our groups are always small; 6-10 students every course; and our tutors are dedicated.

Our aim is to produce professionals. Our motto is that we teach you to do a job, not merely pass a course.

Other reasons to choose us also include:

  • We offer affordable training options.
  • We’re exclusively based in the Essex area.
  • Our security tutors are highly qualified and experienced within the industry.

Who is the awarding body? Is the qualification recognised?

The awarding body is Highfields Awarding Body for Compliance; HABC. This means that your qualification is accredited by a top awarding organisation.

In short, your qualification will be recognised on a national level to a very high standard.

Ready to proceed?