On-line Sports Massage Therapy

On-line Sports Massage Courses in Essex and the UK with The Vocational Academy

Are you an independent learner?

Do you need the ultimate in flexibility with your course?

Is the on-line study option cheaper?

YES: This is our most affordable option with payments from only £20 per month with our student loans facility, or from only £49 for 12 months with our interest free student budget account.

The on-line learning option offers an interactive learning environment for the theory section of your studies. You also receive a hard copy manual and a dedicated tutor, who guides you through your studies.

Is the course 100% on-line?

No. This career is a very practical one. Meaning you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to massage technique and your understanding of how the body moves and soft tissue dysfunction.

This means that all of the theory and case study work is completed via distance, on-line study with the guidance of your tutor and all the practical is done at a workshop weekend with an assessment day when ready.

So, in a nutshell, you study the theory on-line as an independent learner, complete your portfolio with the guidance of your tutor and attend workshops with a final assessment day to finish your course.

Some of the units you will study with our on-line sports massage courses in Essex are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principles of exercise
  • Soft tissue dysfunction and client assessment
  • Professional practice
  • Administering sports massage treatments (techniques and practical)

It is the ideal qualification to enter in to the fitness/sports industry at a higher level. You can treat clients on a 1-2-1 basis in both clinical and non-clinical environments. Your treatments will range from helping to alleviate symptoms of injury to providing pre-event massage to athletes to prepare them for competition.

Will I be able to make a good living once qualified?

The answer is yes. First and foremost, you will be doing something you love on a daily basis. Regarding your earnings, this is down to you. There are a couple of main options; freelance or direct employment within a gym/studio/medical practice/sports club or health spa.

You’ll have the best earning potential if you go freelance. However, your success depends on YOU. Just like with any trade, you have to build your customer base. This is hard work. It requires research, a plan and consistency. But this is something we help you with as part of your course.

How do I pay my course fees?

There are two options; our student loans facility (from £17 per month) or our student budget account (VASBA – from £59.80 per month). Click each image below to find out more:

  • Interactive on-line study

  • Workshop & Assessment Weekends

  • Unlimited tutor support

  • Our most affordable sports massage courses in Essex and online across the UK

  • Only £879

  • Monthly repayments from only £17