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About our on-line courses:

On-line courses are a great option when fitting your studies around other commitments. They are interactive, visual and can be taken with you anywhere.

To enable us to be able to offer such a vast array of options, we have added to our ever growing course library by teaming up with some of the largest on-line training providers such as Udemy and Coursera.

You can find on-line courses in pretty much every subject area, from being free to as affordable as £10-£45.

Our on-line courses cover subject areas from Fitness, Psychology, Business, Teaching and more. Within each subject area, you’ll find on-line courses that are free and others that are very affordable.

We will be regularly uploading lectures and seminars that will be free to view, in addition to constantly updating courses either designed and published by The Vocational Academy or one of our partners.

From accredited courses to non-accredited courses that simply satisfy your curiosity, there is something for everyone!



Health and Fitness

Online Health and Fitness Courses with our Fitness Academy, Udemy and Coursera

Psychology, Business

Psychology, Business & Marketing with The Vocational Academy, Udemy and Coursera

Teaching & Assessing

Online courses with The Vocational Academy, Udemy and Coursera

Free and Cheap Online Courses

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