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What is Team Leader & Supervisor?

Team Leader and supervisor is our level 3 management training qualification for line managers, or managers beginning their journey in such a career. This apprenticeship standard can be delivered to apprentices in a range of sectors wherever there is a line management position. 

What qualification/s will I achieve?

  • Team Leader & Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard
  • Team Leader and Supervisor Level 3 Diploma (Highfields)
  • If you are working in a fitness environment, you may also work towards the level 3 diploma in personal training


The team leader and supervisor apprenticeships offered at The Vocational Academy are delivered at level 3. Depending on your current qualifications and experience, you will be offered the correct level for your studies. If you have achieved a C/4 or above at GCSE, or hold A-level or equivalent qualifications already, you will automatically be offered the level 3 apprenticeship standard. If you have achieved lower than a grade C/4 at GCSE for English and Maths, you will have to study functional skills in English and Maths and achieve level 2 before EPA can take place (outlined below).

How long?

This apprenticeship lasts around 15-18 months in total.

How am I assessed?

An apprenticeship is assessed through end point assessments. This is where an independent assessor from a separate organisation will visit you to put you through a range of different assessments. Sometimes these can be workplace observations, interviews, professional discussions, projects, examinations and more. The apprenticeship you are studying will determine the type of assessments you undertake. Which you will be fully briefed on and prepared for during your apprenticeship studies.


What is Senior Leader Level 7?

This occupation is found in small, medium and large organisations in the public, private or third sectors and sustainability as an area of the economy including health, finance, engineering, manufacturing, business and professional services, education, retail, leisure, technology and construction.

Senior Leaders are a key component of all types of business model where there is a workforce to lead, manage and support. The broad purpose of the occupation is to provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership and direction relating to their area of responsibility within an organisation. Typically, this involves setting, managing and monitoring achievement of core objectives that are aligned to the overall strategic objectives of their organisation’s Board (or equivalent).

In a smaller organisation they are also likely to contribute to the execution and achievement of these strategic objectives. A Senior Leader influences at a higher organisational level, including sometimes at Board (or equivalent) level, and sets the culture and tone across their area of responsibility. They may work in varied environments including in an office, onsite, or remotely and demonstrate a high level of flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of the organisation.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with internal stakeholders such as members of their team, other senior leaders/managers, support services (for example: finance, marketing, HR) and project groups and, in larger organisations, they may be part of a wider specialist team. Depending on the size of their organisation, a Senior Leader may be responsible for reporting results relating to their area of responsibility to a Board, trustees, shareholders, executive team or to other senior management within the organisation.

Externally, a Senior Leader acts as an ambassador for their organisation with wide-ranging networks typically involving customers/clients, supply chains and statutory/regulatory bodies.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for

• Setting direction, vision, governance and providing a clear sense of purpose for their area of responsibility.
• Providing clear and inclusive leadership.
• Identifying longer-term opportunities and risks using data from internal intelligence sources and external influences.
• Developing sustainable, ethical, innovative and supportive cultures that get the best from people and enable the delivery of results.
• Resources that may include budgets, people, assets and facilities.
• Staying up to date with innovation and championing its adoption.
• Keeping pace with – and responding to change – by leading agile transformation.
• Leading and promoting sustainable business practices.
• Responding and managing crisis situations.

How am I assessed?

This apprenticeship, like all apprenticeship standards, is completed and assessed through you demonstrating you both meet and have achieved the knowledge, skills and behaviours required. When you have completed the training phase of the apprenticeship and compiled a detailed portfolio, we work with you and your employer to enter you for End Point Assessment. This is where an independent organisation will send an assessor to put you through a range of assessments and review your portfolio of evidence. Once you have passed, you will have achieved the full qualification and your certificate will be sent to you by the ESFA – Education and Skills Funding Agency.

You will find that the KSB’s (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours) are very much in-line with many of the duties outlined above. For full information on the KSB’s and the End Point Assessment plan, click the links below and you’ll be taken to the Institute for Apprenticeships website where the official standards and plans are published:


How long does it take?

The apprenticeship standard takes 24 months to complete. You will then be entered to the EPA (end point assessment) gateway. 

What qualification will I achieve?

You will achieve the level 7 apprenticeship standard in senior leadership. 

This standard aligns with the following professional recognition:

  • Chartered Management Institute for Chartered Manager or Chartered Fellow individual member grade
  • The Institute of Leadership for Management for Fellow member grade

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