Earn and learn to be a top personal trainer with this apprenticeship

15-18 months
Awarding Body: Active IQ
Other Accreditations: REPS and CIMSPA

Who is this course for?


Our fitness apprenticeship is unique and far more comprehensive than elsewhere:


With this opportunity, you ideally need to be unemployed or in part-time employment at less than 16 hours per week. You will most likely be required to attend a pre-apprenticeship course first, where you will qualify to level 2 in Gym Instructing. You will also complete a voluntary work experience placement at a gym in return for your gym instructor training. Upon completion, you will then be selected to enter in to the full level 3 apprenticeship. Should you meet the required criteria, you will be put straight on to the main apprenticeship programme.

This is where you will then commence employment at your placement gym, paid at around the national minimum apprenticeship wage for your first year whilst undergoing the level 3 personal training qualification. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to either:

* Complete the customer service specialist qualification as part of your apprenticeship. This is where you’ll become far better prepared for the business side of the personal training career. Or;

* Qualify with a specialist qualification in level 4 Strength and Conditioning, delivered by our fitness academy; UK Fitness Institute.

You will be working between 30-40 hours each week including a day release at set dates to attend our college for your qualification.

Towards the end of your placement, you will then undergo end point assessment where you will achieve the apprenticeship standard when passed. You will also have the opportunity to achieve your standard personal training qualification within your first year, where you will get the opportunity to build your personal training business at the same time as completing your apprenticeship. Please note however, where possible, your personal training clients will need to be worked outside of shifts; although there is some allowance made here.

SUMMARY POINT: Overall, both opportunities are excellent opportunities. You can qualify as a personal trainer and then a specialist trainer, regardless of your situation. This is an opportunity for all.

What will you learn from this course?

Upon successful joining as our apprentice personal trainer, you will undergo intense training as a gym instructor. Either on the pre-apprenticeship course (study programme or similar) with the government funded apprenticeship, or via direct entry on to the apprenticeship.

Once you complete the level 2 Gym Instructor, you will start the level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

With the government funded apprenticeship, you will be working 30-40 hours per week and attending college on a day release from work each week/month. During your apprenticeship, you’ll either gain the customer service specialist qualification or your chosen specialist level 4 S&C qualification.

For the personal training qualification, here’s exactly what you cover, with some examples of how you assessed too:

Gym Instructor:
– Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology (multiple choice theory exam)
– Level 2 Principles of Exercise (multiple choice theory exam)
– Health, Safety and Welfare in a fitness environment (worksheets/workbook)
– Know how to support your client (worksheets/workbook)
– Planning Gym Based Exercise (programme design)
– Instructing Gym Based Exercise (practical observation)

Personal Trainer:
– Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology (multiple choice theory exam)
– Level 3 Nutrition (multiple choice theory exam and case study)
– Advanced Programming for personal training (case study and worksheets)
– Delivering personal training sessions (case study, worksheets and practical observation)

**And you will also study lots of extra qualifications if you choose the advanced or ultimate personal courses.

How is the course delivered?

– Government funded apprenticeship:

The course is delivered on a set timetable across your first year, with some intense training to get you qualified to a certain standard before completing your final assessments, giving you the opportunity to begin personal training. You will be given your delivery plan upon signing up and becoming employed. Typically, you attend college two days each month, followed by an intense period of training and finally, end point assessment at the end of your apprenticeship to achieve the apprenticeship standard.

As above, you’ll also gain either the customer service and business qualification or your chosen level 4 S&C specialist qualification.

How will I be assessed?

End point assessment. For apprentices that haven’t already achieved a level 2 or equivalent in Maths and English, they will be required to achieve this before you can enter the end point assessment gateway.

Your end point assessment will consist of a number of varied assessments, depending on the pathway you have chosen; either the customer service and business pathway with the personal training diploma, or the full fitness pathway with the S&C qualification included.

Can I make a good living once qualified?

Upon graduation, you will either be employed directly by our partner company as a freelance personal trainer – New Body Gym Ltd


You will be interviewed and employed by one of our partners we have built trusted relationships with,


Your placement gym will offer you permanent employment.


  • Excellent, highly rated vocational training
  • Vocational courses in Fitness, Teaching, Security, Teaching and more....
  • Multiple funding options available for all courses
  • Flexible Study Options - online, part-time and bespoke 1-2-1/small group delivery

Finance Options:

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Michael Rickards

Michael Rickards