CIAG: Is this right for me?

This is the section where you can begin to decide whether or not an apprenticeship is the right choice for you. We will help you review your circumstances and needs, followed by giving you a range of suggestions and possible options. Although this is not intended as a complete solution for careers information advice and guidance, it is definitely a starting point for you to then discuss with one of our specialist tutors or learner engagement officers.

Please complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch to discuss everything further. Remember, in order for us to help you and ensure objective, professional and comprehensive advice, you will need to answer honestly and completely. Give as much detail as you can. Please complete the form below.

When you are advised to skip more than one question based on your answer, please make sure to choose or type N/A for those questions you don’t need to answer. 

Needs Analysis


If you have chosen options that state you are employed, or have an employer ready to onboard with us, we advise you look to proceed promptly with us, which would mean the next steps are to book a further advice and guidance session with one of the TVA team to confirm the best apprenticeship for you and your employer.

If you have chosen options that confirm you are not employed, or you don't currently have an employer ready to onboard with us to begin an apprenticeship, please follow the guidance below:

  • If you are looking to get into an apprenticeship urgently but don't have an employer, you will need to discuss this with us and work with us to find a suitable employer. Please be aware that this could take up to a few months or longer. We advise you consider other, alternative funding options with us where you can study the relevant qualification for your career choice, significantly raising your chances of success in gaining your desired employment. Please discuss this with your advisor when they call you.
  • If you have confirmed you do not have an employer, but you are in a position where you can wait until a suitable employer can be found, please discuss this with your advisor when they contact you. Remember, as with above, it is a team effort where we BOTH work together to find you a suitable employer. During this time, it is still worth considering alternative funding options to study qualifications with us in the meantime to upskill yourself, which will significantly increase your chances of success in finding employment.
Please let us know suitable times to call you (you can choose more than one)