Apprenticeships – what are they?

This video outlines what an apprenticeship is and how it is funded. An apprenticeship can last between 15 months up to 4 years depending on the sector, level studied and much more. Without an employer, apprentice and training provider (us), an apprenticeship cannot happen. You may already be working with an employer who’s keen to put you through one of our apprenticeships. Or you may be in a position where you have been successful in gaining an apprenticeship with one of the employers working with us. Either way, this is an excellent opportunity to progress your new career.

If you are not currently in a position where an employer is ready to hire you as an apprentice, we will work with you to help you find the right employer. Please be aware however, this can take an unknown amount of time. You may want to consider alternative funding options to study courses with us that will significantly improve your chances of success in gaining employment in your chosen sector. For every apprenticeship we deliver, we have a matching vocational course as an alternative option. We suggest you keep an open mind when discussing options with one of our advisors.