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Welcome to the online platform for your customer service specialist apprenticeship.

This is the place to be for all things customer service specialist! On here you will find resources that will assist you in achieving the required standards and the learning outcomes for the level 3 diploma.

Additionally, it is here that you will be able to upload your evidence that demonstrates your achievement of the standards and learning outcomes. You will find the templates you need, in addition to workshop based materials, such as video lectures, quizzes and more. We will also post up engaging material from time-to-time that supplements your learning and may be of interest.

It is important to note, that in the first section of this platform you will find all induction documentation for your immediate attention. If you have already completed and signed the relevant documentation, then please use this as a reference for you. If you haven’t, then please complete all necessary actions BEFORE commencing with your apprenticeship studies. You will also find the paperwork needed for you and your employer to complete as a reference. Please ensure this is also completed as a priority.

This is an “evolving” platform in the sense that we will continually strive to improve the resources contained within. Any feedback or requests, please direct them to:

And we aim to respond within 48 hours.

To use this online platform effectively, you’ll need to ensure you also view the “materials” tab in a variety of the lessons and topics where this is stated, as this is where a lot of your useful resources, templates and more can be found.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your apprenticeship studies with our small team here at The Vocational Academy!