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What is an Apprenticeship?

Put into a phrase; “earn and learn”. Apprenticeships have come a long way over the past 20 years or more. Apprenticeships are offered from level 2 up to degree level and beyond. Whilst working with your employer and gaining relevant experience, you also learn the same content that you would on A-level/BTEC/or degree courses. The major difference being that you are employed, working your way up the ladder and gaining essential experience at the same time. Minus student loans too!

Typically, you’ll be working a minimum of 30 hours per week with your employer, with paid time off to learn. Your learning can take a number of forms. From your tutor coming to visit you at your place of work, attending our classrooms/practical learning spaces or using our online learning platform, you will experience a varied and engaging learning experience.

What's the pay?

Your pay depends on your employer. Usually, like with most employment, you’ll find you will be on some form of probationary period where your pay may rise upon successful completion and performance. Pay can range from the apprentice national minimum wage, to the national minimum wage and well beyond to the highest pay brackets. It depends on the career, level of study and the duration you have been working in your chosen sector.

For Employers

If you are looking to grow your business, apprenticeships are the way to go. Not only are you employing a keen, loyal and hard working member of your team. You are also employing somebody who will be undergoing specialist training, designed in conjunction with you as an employer to ensure they are of the highest standards.

With recent developments, employers are now given added incentive when hiring an apprentice. An employer can claim up to £4000 incentive payment per apprentice hired to help towards any costs to the business.

The Vocational Academy can help set up everything you need for your apprentices and we can tailor the training to exactly what you need as an employer. Giving both the apprentice and you, the employer, the best chances of success.

And the best thing, you don’t have to be a large employer to hire an apprentice anymore. Employers of all sizes can hire an apprentice due to recent changes in the way they are funded. Up to 95% of an apprentices training is funded by the government for small, non-levy paying employers with Digital Apprenticeship Accounts (which can help you to set up).