Apprenticeship Onboarding

Thank you for choosing to work with The Vocational Academy and choosing us as your training provider.

We provide a unique, bespoke approach for every apprentice and every employer. As you may have already had explained to you, there is now a large number of apprenticeship standards to choose from across a range of sectors. Nevertheless, it is our firm belief that through combining these standards with additional qualifications, from awards to diplomas, the quality and relevance of an apprenticeship can be far improved.

Below, you will see all the next steps required, in order, to get started with us as your apprenticeship training provider.

*For traineeships and Kickstart signup, please see our other relevant pages by clicking on the relevant link in this sentence.

Step 1:

Please complete and submit the form below:

*Alternatively, click the link here to access the form should you have any issues completing the embedded form below:


Step 2:

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete the attached employer onboarding form. One of the questions asks for an EDRS number. If this is not already known (The Vocational Academy can find/generate this number), please simply enter 999999999 until this number is confirmed. If you have any questions whilst completing this form, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. For any questions you are unaboe to answer, please put “TBC” as the response, or N/A if the question isn’t applicable. If, for any reason the form hasn’t loaded properly on this page, simply click the title of the form below and you’ll be taken to the form page:


Step 3:


Please ensure your apprentices complete and sign the apprentice agreement below, if they haven’t already. Again, please click here to open the form in a new tab if you have any issues completing the embedded form below:


Step 4:

Please now make sure you have either:

  • Drafted an employment advert (Job title, pay, job description and employment benefits as a minimum) and e-mail it to: as we will upload the job advert for you to the national apprenticeship service and other other relevant sites (including sending it to relevant organisations, such as the DWP).


  • Request that we draft an employment advert on your behalf, for you to check before we publish your advert. You can request this by contacting us at

Final Steps

Once you have completed the initial documents above, you will be contacted by our centre coordinator to arrange a meeting at your main place of work to plan the delivery, complete any remaining paperwork and confirm your exact requirements.

Once again, thank you for choosing The Vocational Academy and we look forward to working with you.