19+ Government Funded Learner Loans

**Please Note: The 19+ Student Loans Facility is Temporarily Unavailable**

However, we do still have a student loans facility with many of the same or similar benefits, and it is just as affordable. CLICK HERE to be taken to the TVA Student Loans page. Or see below for info on the facility and comparisons to our other funding options.

So, what’s the gig? What is this opportunity about?

Government funded, 19+ advanced learner loans are a fantastic opportunity if you are earning under £21,000 per year. You don’t pay anything back until this salary is reached. Your typical repayments, at £22,000 per year, would be around £7 per month. This is very cheap!

However, please be aware that once your wage rises above this threshold your monthly repayments can increase quite sharply to similar amounts to our VASBA account. At this salary, you really want to be considering our VASBA option instead. Nevertheless, the government funded option is not means tested and is available to all UK citizens, making opportunities previously out of reach for some more accessible.

The Good:

  • When earning lower than £21,000 per year, you don’t pay anything back until you earn this wage
  • Very cheap! Typical repayments at an example £22,000 per year are around £7 per month!
  • No credit check and not means tested
  • Available to everyone above the age of 19
  • Easy application process
  • Although it’s a loan, it’s a government funded loan, meaning a ‘softer debt’ to repay

The not so good:

  • We’ve added this point first because in our opinion, it’s a BIG point to make. When choosing this student loan option, you MUST be aware that the course fees you will be charged are NOT the course fees we charge. For example, the typical government backed, 19+ student loan for the Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training is £2,882. The fees we charge for this course start from £1250 – as you can see, there’s a huge difference.  This is because the fees are calculated based on the guided learning hours for the course (a cost per hour multiplied by the total hours of the course), and as such, a national rate is applied. To put things in to perspective, if you were to pay your fees via our own funding options (VASBA or TVA Student Loans Facility) you would get the following personal training course for a similar amount that is charged via the government student loans facility: Ultimate Diploma in Personal Training. You’ll see from looking at this course that you get MUCH more. You need to weigh this up when choosing how to fund your course.
  • Average to higher earner? As you earn above £25,000 per year, repayments rise quite sharply. They are still not massive at this wage, but as you earn more, the repayments end up quite a bit more than our own funding option
  • It is STILL a loan – meaning it appears on your credit file as money outstanding until paid. This can affect rental and mortgage applications in addition to any applications for credit

Overall, if you are in a lower income band at present, the government funded loan is the option for you. It is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to be able to afford courses for qualifications that can take you to your dream career. Without this option, many people would miss out on valuable training and education.

If you are certain which course you’d like to enrol on to, please click the link below and complete the 19+ funded learner enrolment form and a tutor will be in touch to take you through the next steps in the induction process. The enrolment form will give you the opportunity to select which course you would like to do, so if you are already sure which qualification you would like to apply for, click the link below, select your course course from the drop down menu and complete the rest of the form:


If you would like more information first, please visit our courses page and other pages within this website or call 01702 596022.