VASBA – Flexible Student Budget Account

Vocational Academy Student Budget Account – Flexible Student Funding for Vocational Training

Vocational training is accessible to everyone. So, when is it best to use our VASBA option?

If you are earning above £21,000 or around £25,000 or higher each year, then VASBA is by far your best option to pay your fees. Simply secure your space with a 20% deposit and VASBA pays your fees for you. After another month you then enjoy flexible options where you can either:

  • Spread payments interest free for up to 9 months
  • Or pay over longer periods of up to 15 months with only a small interest charge
  • You can also pay in flexible chunks at any time and repay early with no fees.

The Good:

  • It isn’t a loan – meaning no credit check, no means testing and no appearance on your credit file
  • As it doesn’t appear on your credit file, it does not affect any application for credit
  • Flexible payment options where you can essentially pay back the fees within your chosen payment whenever is best for you
  • Interest free if cleared within 9 months!
  • Monthly repayments can be quite low over longer repayment terms

The not so good:

  • If you are a low earner or not currently in employment, although still affordable with the longer payment terms, you’d be better off going with the government funded advanced learner loan facility.

If you are certain which vocational training course you’d like to study with us, you can complete our enrolment form below by clicking the link. The form contains a drop down menu to select your chosen course. Once you complete the enrolment form, you’ll be taken to the course deposit payment page to secure your space. Until this is paid, your space is not confirmed. 


If you are unsure as to which course you’d like to study with us or you simply need more information, please feel free to look at our courses page or contact us on 01702 596022 to speak to one of the team.