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What’s the gig?

This is an excellent opportunity. This is NOT your typical apprenticeship. This is an awesome apprenticeship and personal training course. You start with the gym instructor course (fast track options available), and then you go straight on to the personal training course.

Why is this apprenticeship so good? Because the pay is much higher to start with! And many other reasons. Read below to find out…..

In short, our Vocational Academy Student Budget Account (VASBA) pays the personal training course fees for you.

In return, you work back half of the fees at a rate of £7.50 per hour.

The other half? You are given two opportunities to earn additional income to pay the other half on a monthly basis – interest free. You don’t start paying this until you have finished the first half of the course. The remaining amount can be spread over 6, 9, 12 or 15 months.

Remember! The other half you are paying back is also covered, depending on how well you perform as part of your apprenticeship duties as our gym instructor and trainee personal trainer. YOU work with us during and after your course not just as an apprentice. You have two opportunities to earn extra income to help pay the other half:

  1. You will be given marketing training – HANDS ON! This means that as well as advertising your own business, you will advertise the gym too. And for every new member signed up, you get paid £10.
  2. You can begin building your own business when you get to a certain stage on the course as a personal trainer. You will begin training clients at our studio on a pay as you train basis. This means that you begin earning income pretty quickly, based on your own determination to build your client base.

Our apprenticeship is second to none. And so is our personal training course! Your gym instructor duties will also be a valuable experience, which is essential for the fitness industry.

It’s new and improved! As well as the personal training course, you get hands on experience in business and marketing….


Not YOU!

What will I be covering on the course and how is it delivered?

Upon successful joining as our apprentice personal trainer, you will undergo intense training as a gym instructor. Depending on your time commitments, within 2-4 weeks, you will be qualified as an instructor, ready to take your studies to the next level: Personal Training.

Once you complete the level 2 Gym Instructor, you will start the level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

You will study this in one of two ways:

Option 1 – Part-Time, Blended Learning:

This is covered over 5 weekends, spread apart roughly every other weekend. You will attend weekend days from 10am to around 3-4pm depending on what is being covered.

In between these weekends, you will be working at our gym performing Gym Instructor duties and practicing your marketing skills. You will have a workbook to work through that you will complete as part of your shift. You will also be using this time to revise and complete any tasks set at the study weekends.

Once you reach a certain stage in the course, you will be able to add Personal Training to your duties at our gym! Exciting! You will now be building your business.

Option 2 – Online, Distance Study:

Everything is the same as above, the only difference here is that you will not have to attend the weekends. You will simply study all of the theory at your own pace, using very interactive online learning platforms.

Once you reach certain points in your studies, you will attend 1-2-1 workshops with your tutor who will teach and assess you as appropriate.

Again, once you progress to a certain point, it’s time to add personal training to your list of duties and start building your business!

The Personal Training Course Units:

To give you an idea, here’s exactly what you cover, with some examples of how you assessed too:

Gym Instructor:

  • Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology (multiple choice theory exam)
  • Level 2 Principles of Exercise (multiple choice theory exam)
  • Health, Safety and Welfare in a fitness environment (worksheets/workbook)
  • Know how to support your client (worksheets/workbook)
  • Planning Gym Based Exercise (programme design)
  • Instructing Gym Based Exercise (practical observation)

Personal Trainer:

  • Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology (multiple choice theory exam)
  • Level 3 Nutrition (multiple choice theory exam and case study)
  • Advanced Programming for personal training (case study and worksheets)
  • Delivering personal training sessions (case study, worksheets and practical observation)

What about when I graduate?

Upon graduation, you will either be employed directly by our partner company as a freelance personal trainer – New Body Gyms Ltd


You will be interviewed and employed by one of our partners we have built trusted relationships with.

You will also have the opportunity to undertake further training towards our advanced personal training diploma at a discounted rate. Click the Essex Fitness Academy link  for more info.

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Apprentice Personal Trainer Application Form